bob paslowI took up the guitar around the age of 11, initially playing a guitar strung "ukulele style" with only four strings! From there it was the school rock band - this gave me my first experience of semi-professional performance at the age of 15. Whilst these activities continued, I had also developed an interest in classical music, initially taking the same route as I had done with rock, i.e. figuring out the pieces by ear.

I began studying classical guitar with John Mills, enrolled for A level music at school, and subsequently took an honours degree in music at UEA. As the performance element of my degree was purely classical, I chose to indulge my enjoyment of improvising by "moonlighting" in a jazz-rock band. Following university I performed professionally as a classical soloist and also became a Licentiate of the Guildhall School of Music whilst continuing to play electric guitar in a variety of styles.

I have run a successful private teaching practice based in Norwich for over thirty years, in addition to teaching guitar for a variety of academic institutions including UEA and City College. For many years also a peripatetic guitar tutor at Norwich School and Wymondham College, I now prefer to concentrate exclusively on my private students.

A rather "schizophrenic" approach has continued throughout my professional career, as I continue to enjoy both playing and teaching a wide range of styles.


B.A. Hons (Mus) UEA

L.G.S.M. (Guildhall School of Music)

F.I.S.M. & Registered Private Teacher (Incorporated Society of Musicians)