Styles: Acoustic

This heading can take in a range of styles, from acoustic blues & ragtime territory through folk accompaniment styles and beyond.

A sound knowledge of chords is highly desirable in all these areas, so I would help you to get started or explore further in this area. Some song accompaniments require detailed transcription, others may well be amenable to an improvised, "in the style of" approach. Students are encouraged to bring in favourite songs (in CD or MP3 format), and I am happy to transcribe material or suggest suitable accompaniment patterns where practicable. Alternatively, you may wish to adapt the accompaniment to personalize your own performance style.

I also enjoy arranging popular songs (Beatles songs, jazz standards etc) for solo fingerstyle players. Not for the beginner, this is however a satisfying outlet for those of us who don't/won't/can't sing. It is also a very instructive process, helping to increase understanding of both the music in question and the guitar fingerboard.