Styles: Classical

I was fortunate that my first serious classical guitar lessons were under the guidance of John Mills, a fine player and therefore an excellent model.

Having completed my music degree and diploma studies, I went on to perform professionally as a classical guitar soloist, presenting a wide range of repertoire including vihuela and lute transcriptions from the 16th & 17th centuries, transcriptions of Bach (a particular favourite), classical and romantic guitar favourites, and the music of 20th century composers including Dodgson and Walton.

Whether you are an aspiring college entrant or someone who has simply fallen in love with the beautiful sound of the instrument, dealing with musical notation is a pretty essential skill for the classical player, so I would help you to improve your reading skills along with working on technique and exploring new repertoire. Interpretation is another vital area, and to develop a reliable sense of musical style it helps if you listen to classical music across a broad spectrum, so try not to focus exclusively on guitar recordings!