Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some very common questions



Where are you?

Lessons take place at my home teaching studio in Sandy Lane, NORWICH, Norfolk (Old Lakenham, NR1 district). Please see my contact page for more details.



Can I park nearby?

Yes, there is ample parking on my driveway and also right outside on Sandy Lane.



Can I get there by public transport?

There is a bus stop immediately outside the house on Sandy Lane for First in Suffolk and Norfolk buses 39 & 37B. I suggest you visit for more details.



What sort of lessons do you do?

I cover a wide range of styles, so lesson content is very much dependent on the individual student. Please see my lessons & styles (classical, rock, jazz, blues, acoustic) pages for more details.



What do I need to bring with me?

Just bring a guitar and any music books, tabs, recordings etc that might be relevant. Amps, leads and other accessories are provided. For a first lesson it is helpful if you can bring along ANY guitar-related music books or tabs you happen to possess – even if they seem too easy/difficult or of debatable value. It might reveal some useful study material and may also help to give me an idea what you have been up to in the past!



Do you take beginners?

I teach all standards from absolute novice to advanced and postgraduate level, so beginners are welcome.



How long are the lessons?

I would recommend that half an hour should be sufficient as long as you are having lessons on a regular basis. Longer lessons are available by arrangement (subject to availability) for advanced students, students who can only attend infrequently, those who travel long distances etc.



Do I have to sign up for a term or course of lessons?

Private students do not need to commit to a course of lessons. You can simply fix up a one-off trial session or sign up for regular lessons. In either case all I require is 24hrs notice of cancellation if you cannot attend or wish to terminate the arrangement.



Can I sit in & observe my child's guitar lesson?

Parents are welcome to sit in if they wish, particularly if the child in question lacks confidence when unaccompanied. I would normally hope that after a couple of lessons the student would feel comfortable in a one-to-one situation. There is a waiting room adjacent to my study, and parents are welcome to sit in comfort next door and listen in on proceedings at any stage.



Do I have to read music?

No, there have been many great guitarists who were unable to read music. Whilst reading music is an essential skill for the classical player and strongly advisable for the jazz student, it is more of a luxury for rock, blues and many acoustic styles where music plus tablature has now become the standard format for publication. I would not therefore expect all students of these styles to be able to read. I would however encourage students to acquire some notation skills if possible, even if this is not their primary method of working.



Are the lessons individual or do you teach groups?

All my teaching is normally done on an individual, one-to-one basis. It may be possible to bring along a duet partner in exceptional circumstances, for example when preparing for a public performance.



Can you visit my home?

I am afraid that I am unable to make home visits – sorry!



Can I cancel a booked lesson?

Yes, but it is my normal practice to charge for a lesson where 24hrs notice of cancellation has not been given. It can be worth a 'phone call however, even at the last minute, as I am happy to re-arrange the lesson to a vacant slot later that day/week if one is available.