There are core skills that are useful for all players, but I know that priorities and techniques are very different for the classical student than they are for the heavy metal fan. This means that I do NOT believe in a one size fits all approach!

I plan a course of study appropriate to each student, based on their interests, ability, experience and aspirations. I aim to make my lessons enjoyable whilst ensuring that they provide a solid grounding in the chosen style, thus enabling students to reach their chosen goals. Working on favourite and familiar music can be a great motivation, so I am always open to suggestions for material to study.

Many of my students choose to play the guitar purely for the pleasure and satisfaction that this can bring in itself, so there is no problem if you prefer to steer clear of examinations. However, previous students have gone on to degree level and advanced performing courses at places including the Royal College of Music, Trinity Guildhall and Leeds College of Music, variously studying classical guitar, popular music and jazz. Some have then returned to me to further their studies at postgraduate level.

Many more have put their guitar playing skills towards passing GCSE music, A level music, and the practical grade exams (now available in a range of different styles) held by a variety of examination boards including ABRSM, Rockschool, Trinity Guildhall and RGT/LCM.