Styles: Jazz

I have been a jazz enthusiast since my early teens, when I made a fortuitous leap in listening habits from commercial "trad" jazz to the classic recordings of Charlie Parker!

I have amassed a fairly extensive collection of recordings which run from 1917 to the present day, with a bit of a "bulge" around the hard bop of the 50's & early 60's and also possibly a slight bias in favour of 70's jazz-rock. My real heroes mostly aren't guitarists but horn players: Parker, Miles Davis, Art Pepper, Lou Donaldson etc. If pressed for a favourite guitarist (or three) I might plump for Wes Montgomery and John McLaughlin, perhaps with Lonnie Johnson as my "historic" choice.

All jazz musicians, but particularly guitar players, need a sound grasp of harmony; so I would pick this as one starting point for study – particularly if you are approaching jazz from a rock background. I can also help you to explore a variety of useful scales and modes. Listening is pretty essential here too, particularly in order to acquire an idiomatic sense of rhythm and give some confidence in tackling melodic improvisation.